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Do you believe?

Do you believe that I am finally that girl that i always promised to be?
Do you believe that when you go away i even don't cried, not because you weren't important
but I love this new version so much
My new version.
Where I don't need beg you for stay
Where I understand the reasons why you're not in my life
Where my feelings are my home
And I'm my best friend
Do you believe that I grow up?
I dont have afraid of the dark anymore
I dont have afraid to drive alone
Do you believe that now I have a dog?
Do you believe that I'm complety different that what I was?
Do you believe that now I know about your ideologies
I still don't agree.
But, do you believe that I have my own ideologies now?
I can show you someday
I can make a coffe, because I lernead since you been gone
I learned choose my own music and my own favorite book
I learned make some cookies
I learned about myself
I learned about my new dog
You gone
And now I'm a new Girl
And now I believe in myself
And now, more than never
My life's complety.
Do you believe that?

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