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we heart it

i know never was your intention
i know that you gave me your best
i know that you love me so much
but i alredy know your worst
i see all your parts
i cried for you
i keep crying over and over again
'cause it's so hard to think about us
about how you supposed to protect me
and you don't do this
not because you don't want to
because you can't do this
i know taht you made a lot of promisses
and i feel so sorry fot this
do you feel your mistakes?
do you cry sometimes for this?
do you feel a loser?
because i do
i do everytime that i look at you
i do everytime that i love but this hurt me
i feel that we're like clouds
sometimes, we touched eatch other
sometimes, we're so far away
i love you
but you hurt me
i love you
but i can't leave you
i love you
but please don't leave me
i love you
but you need to go
why this is keeping?
i love you
but you hurt me
a lot
and i still love you.

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