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ex best friend

we heart it

I'm sorry for all the times that you needed more than i was
and i'm sorry for all the times that i didn't talk about boys
i'm sorry for don't like the same things that you like
that's really bad for us, right?
but, i have some questions for you
did you know that i was bleeding?
did you know that i was alone
and that i needed you?
did you know that my dad is bad?
did know that i'm lost in my life?
did you know this things about me?
because i did know about you
i was there
for you
you can't just say goodbye to me
you can't just be other person
it's a wild world and you're not here
i'm sorry for that
i really needed you
but i have to be strong
like you are
like you do
because this is your best, isn't?
you are good in forget people
but you couldn't forget me
how could you forget me?
i was a part of you
and you just change so much
that didn't need me anymore
how can i forget that you forgeted me?

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