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i miss you

we heart it
never call me baby
bacause you know
you have too many babies
never say that you care
because you don't care
never treat me like that again
because hurt me realy bad
never say that wanna kiss me
because you probably are
kissing her and you will kiss her
never say that i'm the only one
because i'm just my only one
never say that you'll wait me
you know that isn't truth
never ever say that you're bad because i'm bad
you are never bad, just me
i know how is feel alone and sad
never take my pain of me
just for let me feel worse
i just wanted be good for you
and this isn't enough
what's enough for you?
i miss you
i'm wainting for you
but you hurt me
am i wrong for miss your voice?
when i know your voice will hurt me
more and more and more
i miss you
but i can't stay with you
i'll neve stay with you
but remember
i miss you
the old you
the you that used to love me

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